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Winter Foxheart

Howell, Michigan
Name: Winter Foxheart
Age: 23
Furcolor: White, Black, Root Beer Brown
Eye Color: Blu
Gender: Herm
Height: 5'5
Status: Collared (Boyfriend known as "Hit Man" )
Job: Artist

I'm a no nonsense Fox, I don't take bulls*it, I don't give bulls*it. Don't cross me, or do something that makes me uncomfortable or mad, and we'll get along just fine.
I don't mind cuddle piles, and if I end up deeming you an decent furry, I'm actually really sweet.
I'm an artist like many others. Perhaps my art does dabble too much into the 21+ adult stuff, but that's okay.
I want to become an Adult Romance Comic artist, and a comic artist in general. I can't tell a story through words, words are hard for me. But photos of emotions? scenarios? now you're speaking my language!
Just like every fur else, I too am trying to make a living. Bills need to be paid, if you ever want to help out! Don't hesitate to Purchase a hoodie from me on TeePublic!
Can't wait to see you all there!