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Phoenix, Arizona
Hey! My name is Sparx and I ultimately enjoy spreading my love for music as far as I possibly can! I both produce and promote different styles and genres as a hobby, but in some cases as a profession. I've written music for retro indie games & radio shows on commission. My journey first started my at the age of 13 when I discovered the power of older acid house classics on vinyl, and my interest in the music spectrum as an entirety never seemed to stop growing from there! Right now I travel around performing for cosplay / furry conventions, computer gaming seminars, and other private events. Sometimes I focus on an indie sub-genre called "Chiptunes" or sometimes otherwise recognized as "video game music." Other times I play a lot of derivatives from house music. In the end I do what I do for the shear love of music and I will never lose my passion to pass it on to others so that they may experience the same things I do!
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