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Tena Sella

Lead The Way Farms, LLC
Bellevue, Michigan
Well....hmm...there's a lot to know about me but for you to find out you have to be very close to my heart to know these things.

I will let you know a few.

My name is Tena Sella and I am a graduate from Meredith Manor Equestrian Studies.

I am part of a large community of friends where we meet up to nerd out on video games, costuming, movies and conventions.

I have a husband named Jared and he is just about as crazy as I am. Very loving that he is. He graduated from Michigan Tech and works full time at DENSO.

I work part time in retail and also own a small horse farm called Lead The Way Farms.

I am a 32 year old gal and I wont let anything hold me back from having a fun life!

Ok...there....a little about me....now become my friend if you want to know more! Friends are always welcomed!